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    Communications Group Inc. offers more than just communications equipment and products. We also provide a variety of services to help you maximize your equipment purchase. Whether it is system design, constructing an antenna structure or repairing your hand held radio, we can provide the service you need to keep your communications running smoothly. View a selection of our services below to see what our expert technicians can perform and accomplish.
              System Design
              The first step in designing your communications system is listening to you and determining your requirements. We will use our collective knowledge to provide you with a solution customized for your specific need, accomplishing your goals in the most efficient and cost effective manner. We are not bound by any one manufacturer so we are free to work with a variety of products to offer you the best system design possible. The freedom and ability to provide what is right for you has been the secret to our success for more than 30 years.
              R.F. Consulting
              Radio waves are somewhat magical. You can't see them or feel them but you know they are there when you hear a voice on a radio or see data on a screen. It takes years of experience and modern tools to predict where these signals will or will not travel. We can supply a model that lets you see the invisible signal path for your radio system. Call us for your new or existing system needs and we can help provide answers to the hard questions about your radio system.
              Tower Construction
              Everybody knows that radio works best from high places. We contract and build towers that reach those high places, whether it's 50 feet or 300 feet. We may even already have a shared tower or rooftop that will suit your needs. Give us a call to speak with a tower expert.
              Site Management
              If you already own a radio tower or rooftop and would like to offer it for radio use, we can help. We provide site management to owners that want to maximize their income potential. Radio systems installed on shared sites require coordination so that co-located equipment can coexist without conflict. We can predict the impact of each occupant in advance of costly installations. We know the value of a good site and will negotiate on your behalf for a competitive income stream. Not all tall buildings or high hills make for good radio sites. Call us to see if there is commercial value for your location.
              Even though we pride ourselves in providing high quality reliable equipment, there are times when repairs are necessary. CommTech offers one of the best rated service facilities in the area. When others use mail off depot service, we still do repairs in our shop locally. We have invested in the high tech equipment needed to trace and replace board level components. We have a good inventory of the most common parts and complete repairs in three to five days eliminating the additional time incurred by having to ship a radio for repair. If it's a battery or other accessory you need it is probably already in our inventory.
              We also offer after hours and weekend service for mission critical systems. We offer maintenance contract services that ensure "first in line status" and minimal response times. Maintenance contracts also allow you to budget annual maintenance expenses. Each contract is written to suit your particular need. Call us today more information.
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